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Durham Trinity School & Sports College is a maintained special school and we receive our funding from the government via the Local Authority for a financial year (April – March).  The spending of this is monitored by the Finance & Premises Committee of the Governing Body on a monthly basis.

We receive funding for groups of pupils according to their prime individual need.  In some instances additional funding is secured for an individual pupil i.e. to support specific additional medical needs.

Post 16 pupils are funded individually following the completion of a costed provision map by school staff.  This money is paid to school in installments.

School receives additional funding in the form of Pupil Premium and Sports Premium.  You can see how this is spent on our website here.

All our funding is used to support the education of pupils with SEN.

At times school may submit applications for specific additional funding via a variety of streams (such as Lord's Taverners, Lottery Funding).

The school has a private school fund.  Contributions are used to further enhance the provision we provide for our pupils.  This can include funding educational visits, equipment and school based performances.

If a child has complex special educational needs, we could also receive additional funding from the Local Authority to meet the agreed outcomes.

A Costed Provision Map will be developed in liaison with the child, young person, parent or carer.